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Split Seed

The split seed, notice the growing embryo and hydrated seed.
The Wodyetia Produces seeds at approximately twelve years of age. It has a very durable and tough seed. It remains viable up to a year if stored properly. Germination occurs in some cases within 30 days of planting but can take up to one year.

They love the heat, so bottom heating is a must in cooler months. Daytime temperatures in the green house should be 90 to 100 degrees. A moist and humid atmosphere is recommended.

A sterile rooting medium is also essential. We use peat and perlite with excellent results. The roots go deep quickly before spikes appear on top. A minimum of 6" deep potting medium is required for optimum growth. Plant the seed horizontally and cover with no more than a quarter of an inch of topsoil.

Fresh seed is necessary to ensure your propagation success, and Foxtail Farms uses only freshest seed.

Whole Seed   Seeds   Seeds
Whole seed.   Approximately 35 seeds per pot.   Seeds planted horizontally, one seed per nine inch liner, 25 liners per tray.

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